Activity books

Activity books are a great addition to the personalised storybooks. Each activity book’s cover is personalised with the child’s name and a character that resembles the child.

Bushveld Adventure

This 24 page Bushveld themed activity book is packed with interactive content such as colouring pages, spot the difference, puzzles and mazes, draw a line to match, circle the odd one and complete the picture, to help keep kids occupied and entertained.


This under-the-sea-themed activity book, A5 with 24 pages, is packed with interactive content to keep children engaged and amused. The activities include colouring pages, finding the difference, puzzles and mazes, drawing a line that matches, circling the odd one and completing the picture.

Benefits of activity books

Keeping your child busy and entertained

Our activity books are packed with interactive contents such as mazes, spot the difference and colouring pictures that will keep your child busy and entertained.


Developing new skills

Our activity books have lots of different activities such as colour-in pictures, spot the differences, draw a line to match and complete the picture. Pen control and fine motor-skill development are some of the physical benefits activity books offer, as it strengthens hand and finger muscles.


Improves concentration

For a child to sit still and concentrate is rather challenging. Our activity books contain simple tasks which will help to keep them focussed and concentrate, while being entertained.


Improves hand-eye coordination

Colouring pictures are an excellent way to improve your children’s hand-eye coordination as they need to learn to colour inside the lines rather than just scribble randomly.


Sense of accomplishment

Activity books also have psychological and / or emotional benefits, such as feeling proud of their accomplishments when looking at the completed activity. When a child completes an activity, whether it is solving a maze, or completing a picture or finding all the differences, it instils a sense of self confidence. Children are more likely to succeed when they believe that they are capable.


No technology, travel friendly boredom busters

With today’s busy life, parents can keep children busy with this fun, but educational way without feeling guilty about more screen time. These activity books are a boredom buster without technology and can easily keep children entertained whilst traveling. No WIFI or charged batteries are required.


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