We at Creating Little Heroes, create beautifully illustrated and imaginative personalised stories, that draw children into a world of adventure, where they are the hero of the story. Whilst reading these books, the child will burst with excitement when hearing their name in the story.

We aim to inspire children to develop a love for books and reading, and what better way to do that, than placing them right in the middle of the adventure.

Our Books

Our debut book, You and the sounds of the bushveld, is a mystery, based in the South African bushveld.

We wanted to create a story that has a truly South African setting that celebrates our country’s bushveld and wildlife. It features familiar animals and some elements of mysterious sounds and music to boost the little one’s curiosity.


This story is close to home and easily relatable and will be enjoyed by the whole family. It will become a treasured keepsake, with many requests to read it, again and again.

The colourful full-page illustrations in each book is created through a combination of hand-drawn sketches and digital art technology. By using bright colours and interesting characters, little ones are transported into an alternate world, filled with adventure and excitement, where they are the hero of the story.

Every book in the Creating Little Heroes range, can be personalised by adding the child’s name to the story, and creating a child character illustration that resembles the child you are creating the book for.

The character features that can be personalised, are gender, skin colour, hair colour and eye colour. By personalising the main character of the story, the storybook becomes a very personal gift and will be cherished forever.


We love making every child feel wonderful, by making them the hero of the story 😀

– Creating Little Heroes Creators

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